Organizing for Change


Organizing for racial equity and social justice change is not just about skills but about our ability to understand systems, connect to our humanity, and strengthen relationships. This month, 16 parents and community members completed our 12-week training where folks dove into various topics critical to community organizing and civic engagement. Each week we discussed issues such as racism, sexism, capitalism and more; while also building a stronger analysis of how our community is experiencing it. In addition, participants learned of organizing efforts and revolutionaries who have resisted against injustice and strengthened the foundation of organizing and campaign development.

I’m a much more confident organizer and ally now.
This workshop has impacted my life in truly positive way. It has helped me to grow immensely and have a better understanding of others within my community
I learned that organizations and institutions need to be built by the people they are meant to support, not the other way around. The most effective movements started with the people who were affected the most by the problems.