We work to raise the political consciousness, voice and power of people to effectively unite with each-other and increase our ability to engage in social and political change for the betterment of ALL people in our community.


In order to be better advocates for our children, we must continue to educate ourselves and understand how systems work. We host various workshops throughout the year to learn and engage with various topics:

Essentials of Local Advocacy

Community Organizing 101

Financially Lit


Advocacy & Activism

We, as parents, are our children's most effective advocates. Step Up wants parents to be active advocates for student and parent rights within the education system. We encourage parents to be more involved in decision-making spaces like Board of Ed and City Council meetings. Learn how you can take steps toward advocacy and activism below.

Organizing & Campaigns

Organizing helps us to build a strong base of people to drive our campaigns forward. Together, we can direct our collective power to win improvements in people's lives. We work with our community to address issues and inequities within the education system. Learn about the work we are doing below.

UCONN People Empowering People: Special Needs Focus

This month, 12 dedicated parents and allies completed the UConn People Empowering People Training : Special Needs Focus, an evidence based and innovative personal and family development program with a strong community focus. It is designed to build on the unique strengths and life experiences of participants. PEP helps participants focus on their own personal strengths and enhance their communication skills, problem solving abilities, parenting and relationship skills, and achieve a greater understanding of, and become more involved with their communities. 

December 22, 2018

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